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The Inquisition: Jack Attack Part 2

It's time to re-renew our long running series of questions and answers with our friends at SB Nation's Georgetown blog. Isn't it fun when we play the Hoyas twice a year?

You guys are all smart folks, you understand how The Inquisition works at this point. If you want to see how we handled Casual Hoya's questions about Marquette, make with the clicks right......... here.

With St. John’s waking up over the last month, Marquette and Georgetown are probably the two most disappointing teams in the Big East this season. Somehow I think you guys have had the more frustrating season, though: whereas we were really overrated coming into the season and have lost to nearly every halfway-decent team on the schedule, Georgetown has snuck in wins against VCU and Michigan State and St. John’s while mixing in 20-point losses to Providence and Seton Hall. You agree?

Is it better to be frustrating than disappointing? Maybe. I can tell you it's not at all relaxing being frustrating, since if we were just a complete and utter dumpster fire like you guys I would be numb at this point whenever Georgetown takes the floor. The problem with the Hoyas is that I still feel that they can beat anyone, which makes life as a Georgetown fan very difficult and full of self-loathing. We also beat Kansas State and Xavier, by the way, so yes, it's certainly frustrating when I look at the schedule and two losses against Seton fucking Hall pop out at me. Before I move on to the next question, let's not pretend that deep down inside you think Marquette can still put a few wins together and make the Dance. Your life isn't good, my friend. In fact, it's about to get real shitty should you beat us.

What needs to happen in the next two weeks for the Hoyas to be dancing?

I think if the Hoyas can win 2 out of 3 against Marquette, Creighton and Villanova they should be OK based on the overall body of work. A faceplant in the Big East Tournament might throw that out the window, but I think that should at least get the Hoyas into one of the disastrous play-in games.

Any concern that Markel Starks and DSR are going to wear out in the last couple weeks of the season? According to KenPom’s numbers, Starks has been on the floor for 91% of Georgetown’s minutes this year, and DSR isn’t far behind at 86.6%.

I don't have a KenPom subscription so I can't confirm your fuzzy math, but if those numbers don't approach close to 100% for Starks and DSR in these last few weeks then there is something seriously wrong with JT3. This whole 'wear and tear' on a bunch of teenagers playing two games a week seems a bit overrated to me.

Is there any chance Joshua Smith is back next year? Would he even be welcome back at this point?

Georgetown has an excellent recruiting class coming in next season but will be thin up front, so yes, Josh Smith would be welcome back assuming he get can his head straight. Word around campus is that he's used this semester to drop a lot of weight and if he can qualify academically then yes, I think he'll be back. I hope.

How reprehensible is it that ESPN murdered the old Big East with their bare hands and then commissioned a documentary lamenting its departure? I mean, you’re a lawyer. Isn’t the Son of Sam law supposed to prevent this kind of crap?

ESPN can eat a bag of all the dicks. I shall refer you to this comment on our site which sums up everything swimmingly:

The chutzpah is just incredible.

It’s called "Requiem for the Big East." Requiem means "A mass for a deceased person." And just in case you were wondering whether it would talk about "how" the Big East "died," there are gonna talk about it. The director: "I, like so many others, was saddened by its split last year. In setting out to make a film about the league, I hoped to not simply tell a story about the rise of a great basketball conference but also understand and ultimately convey the causes of its fall."

How does the murderer tell the story of the victim? This of course ignores that the conference isn’t dead, just on your COMPETITOR’S CHANNEL.

Eat it.
by hoyabinx on Feb 24, 2014 | 6:59 PM

Greg Whittington somehow went from being one of Georgetown’s better players to being kicked off the team to transferring to Rutgers to not even enrolling for the spring semester in New Jersey. The bloom really came off that rose, huh? Any idea what the hell happened there?

Not sure if he ever was a rose, per se, but definitely akin to a tulip and yes, that tulip has died. I have the insider lowdown downlow no doubt knowledge of what transpired but have been sworn to secrecy not to reveal it. I don't take the protection of my sources and this information lightly, so it will take at least 2 beers for you to get it out of me. He's a good kid and we wish him well.

With almost a full season under our belts, what’s your take on the new Big East? Are you worried that the league’s going to make it difficult for Georgetown to compete on a national level?

I dig it. The games have been competitive, the crowds in Butler, Xavier and Creighton have been large and excited and I think anyone in this Conference can beat anyone on a given night, even DePaul. The Conference is one of the higher rated Conferences in RPI per your boy Pomeroy, so competing on a national level isn't a concern. I'd like to see half the teams get in the Dance in what is perceived to be a down year for the Conference, then maybe ESPN can shut up and leave us alone.

On a related note: the beginning of the Georgetown-Xavier game got bumped from Fox Sports 1 because of a NASCAR practice session. I don’t even know what to say about that. Do you?

Fox Sports 1 has overall been great for the Conference and it's nice we basically have our own network, but pulling shit like that has to stop. I get that NASCAR is really popular and attracts what is likely the complete opposite of the crowd that was tuning in for Hoyas-Xavier, but you have to stick with your original schedule and they could have bumped those practice laps to Fox Sports 2, the channel I refer to as Fox Sports Ass because not everyone even gets the damn channel and for most that do it's not in HD which means I'd rather be watching, well, anything in HD. Speaking of which, there used to be a great show on Discovery Channel called Sunrise Earth which was pretty much a lone camera somewhere exotic filming a sunrise in HD and capturing all of the sounds of nature. It was the most peaceful damn thing I've ever seen on TV and they've taken it from us. Fucking hipsters, man.

Syracuse-Boston College. The floor is yours.

In a few years they will be one and the same and you and I will high-five while watching Sunrise Earth. This is when we will achieve total consciousness. RIP Harold Ramis.

You lived in D.C. for a while. How realistic is House of Cards?

Living in DC for awhile isn't something I carry around like a badge of honor. The hipsters I mentioned above have really ruined the city, what with their bikeshares, bars that serve drinks in jars, and a really bad Hooters by the Verizon Center. Big homeless problem in DC, too, as aside from the majestic monuments, the city has started to resemble the shanty-towns in Johannesburg except with pseudo-trendy bars. Is all of that portrayed in House of Cards? That's the show you have to get on Netflix, right? Fuck Netflix, too much damn trouble. You want to talk Bravo reality-based television however, I'm your guy.