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Here's Why I Was Cheering For Providence Yesterday

With Marquette booted from the Big East tournament, I was free to choose sides on who I wanted to win Saturday night's championship game.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Obviously, the story of Doug McDermott winning the Big East tournament in his one trip through the league would have been a pretty great story. But it wasn't one that I really found myself invested in at the end of the day.

Now Providence native Ed Cooley coaching one of the shallowest rotations in college basketball and the Energizer Bunny himself, Bryce Cotton? That's a story you can get behind. The part where Providence winning would clinch another bid for the Big East and therefore another share of the NCAA television money? Well, that played a part, too.

But that wasn't even the reason why I was cheering for Providence.

After the game, Friend Of The Show @friarblog went justifiably bananas on Twitter. Here's just some of the tweets that he either passed along or replied to as part of the jubilation.

Or to summarize it:

All in all, a wonderful moment. Well wishes and congratulations were pouring in from all corners.

Well, not from ALL corners.

And that's why I was cheering for Providence. Evidence after the fact, sure, but there is no chance in hell I'm cheering for a team with a fan base that thinks it's okay to run over and piss on the PC's fans fire because they got slapped around twice by the Friars this season. Even more than just getting jumpy about their loss, this particular Bluejays fan doesn't seem to understand the financial and respectability implications of Providence locking themselves into the NCAA tournament, much less what it means if the Friars advance.

This is the second time this season that I've either seen or heard about Creighton fans being poor visitors or poor sports. Spread the word, Bluejays fans. That's not how we roll in the Big East.