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Your Selection Sunday Open Thread!

This also doubles as today's Championship "Week" Watch, but other than which Sun Belt team is getting in, there's not a lot of drama today.

Mike Lawrie

We're ostensibly a Big East blog here, so let's lead off today with a highlight package from last night's championship game between Providence & Creighton:

We can drill a little deeper and get just highlights of Bryce Cotton and Doug McDermott, both of whom are worthy of your specific attention:

That brings us to today's games. There's only five of them, with the Big Ten insisting on being last and pushing the boundary between their title game and CBS's Selection Show. This year, the Big Ten is tipping off at 2:30pm, so hopefully they'll actually be done by 5pm. Just one of these years, I'd love to see the Big Ten game go to double overtime, maybe triple, and then CBS, knowing that they have a hard out at 6pm Central, cuts away from the game to start announcing the bracket. I know I've read in the past that the NCAA has told the Big Ten, "Start your game whenever you want, but it won't affect the bracket," and considering that CBS has graphics loaded and ready to go by 5:10 every year, it definitely seems like that's the case.

Anyway. Here's the games for today. After the CBS Selection Show is over, we'll have about 90 minutes to kill before the NIT Selection Show starts on ESPNU, so we'll still be rolling around here until then.


12pm: #1 Virginia vs #3 Duke


12pm: #2 VCU vs #4 Saint Joseph's


2:30pm: #1 Michigan vs #3 Michigan State


2pm: #1 Florida vs #2 Kentucky


12pm: #1 Georgia State vs #3 Louisiana-Lafayette