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Marquette Gets Invited... Wait......

Um, where's our invitation???

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

It was a strange and different time. The concept of "Bracketology" was still in its infancy. Joe Lunardi was not yet a household name. Marquette was still playing basketball under the banner of Conference USA... poorly. Selection Sunday had come, the brackets had been revealed. And after going 7-9 in CUSA, the Tom Crean led Golden Eagles did not hear their name called. It was in this bygone era, that I sat in my one bedroom, post-college apartment and stared at a computer screen for hours, searching frantically on a dial-up internet connection, for any news of if/when Marquette would be playing in the National Invitational Tournament. Eventually, with the help of my guy Soft Pretzel, we were able to find some sort of press release that revealed Marquette's NIT destiny.

That was March 2005, and thankfully we have not had to concern ourselves with such things since. That is, until today.

Fortunately, today America's appetite for brackets is so voracious, that the good folks at ESPN have decided it is worth their time to put on an entire NIT Bracket Special. And that Special (if you want to call it that) revealed that YOUR Marquette Golden Eagles will be taking on....... Wait, I think I'm missing a page here...... I don't think they announced all the teams....... So that's... that's it? That's everyone??????


We didn't even make the N-I-Freaking-T!?!?!?? That's just perfect.

Welp, sorry folks. I guess it's back to scouring websites and message boards. Because even in today's world no one gives enough of a crap to make a CBI Selection Show.

Stay tuned for a potential match-up of also-also-rans. Or don't. No one could blame you if you decided you have had enough of this season.