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3.3 Around The Big East

Oh, right, these.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sport

St. John's 72, DePaul 64 - For a long stretch there, it seemed like DePaul was content to rest on their laurels and say "hey, we broke our 10 game losing streak that flushed away a 2-3 open to Big East play, let's not push it today."  St. John's opened up leads of 16-4, 19-6, and 24-10 before heading to halftime with a 12 point advantage and blowing that out to 19 first thing after the break.

In what has to be one of the most important coaching developments of the season, Oliver Purnell got his team back into it. Yeah, I know, right?  R.J. Curlington made a three pointer with 4:17 left, and the Red Storm lead was only three points.  From there, DePaul would go without a basket for the next two and a half minutes.  St. John's only managed a pair of free throws from Sir`Dominic Pointer and a Phil Greene dunk, but it's all they needed for a cushion to get their ninth win in league play and 19th win of the season.

D`Angelo Harrison had 25 points and 10 rebounds to lead St. John's, while Brandon Young had 23 points in the losing effort.  Rumble In The Garden can fill you in on the finer points.