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3.4 Championship "Week" Watch

We're off and rolling!

Hey, remember Chase Fieler?
Hey, remember Chase Fieler?
Ethan Miller

Of course, because the Patriot League plays every game as a home game for the higher seed, they'll be taking today off as Lafayette and Colgate regroup from last night's wins and head out for their quarterfinal games tomorrow.

Today, we get the start of two more tournaments, and yet again, all of the games are being streamed online somewhere for free. Isn't the 21st century great? All times are Central, natch.


6pm: #8 Stetson (7-23) at #1 Florida Gulf Coast (20-11) (ESPN3)
6pm: #7 Jacksonville (12-17) at #2 Mercer (23-8) (ESPN3)
6pm: #6 North Florida (16-15) at #3 South Carolina-Upstate (18-13) (ESPN3)
6pm: #5 Lipscomb (15-14) at East Tennessee State (17-14) (ASunTV)


6pm: #8 Detroit (13-18) at #5 Milwaukee (17-13) (FREE video)
6pm: #7 Youngstown State (15-16) at #6 Oakland (12-19) (FREE video)
7pm: #9 UIC (6-24) at #4 Valparaiso (17-14) (FREE video)