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2015 G Nick Noskowiak Has Reopened His Recruiting

Dude's welcome to do whatever he wants, since he hasn't signed a letter of intent.


In the world of college sports recruiting, there are two levels of commitment: verbal and signed.  High school players that won't start their collegiate careers until the fall of 2015 can only be verbally committed to their schools as of right now, and they're free to do whatever they want with that verbal commitment, including ending it whenever they choose.

That's what Nick Noskowiak did this morning.

Can't fault him at all, of course.  He wanted to play for Buzz Williams, and honestly, I'm amazed he actually waited until after Steve Wojciechowski was hired to decommit.

Of course, there is this follow up tweet:

And therein lies the rub.  As an unsigned recruit, Noskowiak is more than able to listen to other offers, and with a change in coaching regime, it's hard to say for certain that Wojciechowski will even be interested in Noskowiak as a player.  Since he's one of the top players in the country for 2015 that happens to be from the state of Wisconsin, I would guess that Wojciechowski would at least like to speak with Noskowiak at some point in the not too distant future.

Noskowiak will be able to sign a national letter of intent this coming November, so we'll see what happens.

H/T to Mark Miller of for the news and @GoodsOnSabres for the tweets