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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Spoke With Ahmed Hill

Seems pretty positive, I guess.


It's been 17 days since Buzz Williams took the Virginia Tech job, and six days since Steve Wojciechowski took the Marquette job. Other than a tiny bit of confusion from Sandy Cohen, it's been much smoother sailing with Marquette's recruits this time around than it was when Tom Crean left for Indiana and Tyshawn Taylor and his high school coach Bob Hurley throwing a hissy fit.

Back on Friday, (and why I had to find this out yesterday through Twitter instead of from the Google Alert I set up, I'll never know) the Atlanta Journal-Constitution posted a recruiting blog entry focused on what's going on with Marquette signee and Augusta, GA, native Ahmed Hill.

"I’m going to wait until I talk to the coach before I think about anything," said Ahmed Hill, a 4-star shooting guard from Augusta who is ranked as the state’s No. 2 overall prospect.

"My family told me (after that conversation takes place), I need to go ahead and do whatever I decide to do … to just go ahead and do it. My family said they will support me with whatever I do."

Rock solid thinking from the high school senior. I mean, Marquette wasn't going to release him until after he spoke with Wojo anyway, but at least his head's in the right place.

"It was pretty crazy that he left," Hill said. "Coach Williams was a big reason why I signed with Marquette. I liked his coaching style, and the way he won."

Pretty crazy is the family friendly way to say it, I think. Although, just between you, me, and the wall, I'd go talk to Steve Taylor about Buzz's coaching style before you make any decisions going forward.

This week, Marquette announced Steve Wojciechowski, the longtime Duke assistant who has no head coaching experience, as the new coach. Hill is anxious to see how he fits into the new coach’s plans.

"I really haven’t talked to Coach Wojo much, so I don’t have an opinion of him yet," Hill said. "We’re supposed to talk this weekend.

"I just want to talk to him on the phone, see what kind of person he is really, and see what he talks about. I will probably stay with Marquette unless I hear something I don’t like."

As I said, this article is from Friday, so Hill is referring to the weekend that we just wrapped up. I don't possibly know how Wojo could say something that Hill wouldn't like, really, but we're talking about a 17 or 18 year old kid trying to decide if his college decision is the right one with just five months before he's supposed to start full time classes. Who knows what's actually going to factor into his decision.

In any case, it seems like there's at least a 50/50 shot that Hill sticks with his original choice and attends Marquette. With just nine days left before the start of the spring signing period, I think it's a pretty safe bet that we'll find out sooner rather than later where Coach Wojciechowski stands with all four of Marquette's signed recruits.

H/T to @MUFanaticDotCom for the first link that I saw to the AJC article.