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Marquette's APR News Is Mostly Good

But there's a hidden dark side.

Andy Lyons

So first the good news coming from the NCAA announcing every sport's Academic Progress Rate scores yesterday:

  • All of Marquette's teams posted a four year APR average over the national average.
  • Women's soccer and women's volleyball posted perfect scores of 1000.
  • WSOC & VB were joined by men's outdoor track and field in the top 10% nationally, as the T&F team scored a 996.
  • Women's lacrosse also scored a perfect 1000, but they haven't had four full seasons yet.

Here's the not great news:

  • Men's basketball has fallen for the third straight year, going from 980 in 2010 to a 959 this year.  As we're all aware after the travails of the University of Connecticut, that's a long way from creating a problem with a score of 930, but a downward trend is not good.
  • Men's basketball has the worst APR score amongst Marquette's teams, and it's not close.  Men's soccer and women's basketball both posted four year scores of 980.  Men's lacrosse also posted a score of 980, but like their female counterparts, they don't have a full four year run of scores yet.
  • Men's basketball has the fourth worst APR score in the Big East.

So there's that, then.  I don't *want* to pick on men's basketball, of course, especially since the 959 score is still above the national average.  The APR score merely gauges whether players are academically eligible to play and staying in school, and there's no bonus points for players like women's soccer's Kate Reigle earning a 4.0 grade point average for her entire MU career.

I should point this out: 1) the four year average ends with the 2012-13 school year, not the most recent school year, and 2) It seems that this school year has ended on a high note academically from the men's basketball team.