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Getting The Band Back Together: Nick Noskowiak Recommits To Marquette

While Wojo keeping the top 50 recruit interested in Milwaukee is good news on its own, there's an even bigger upside.

Andy Lyons

First, class of 2015 guard Nick Noskowiak verbally committed to Marquette and Buzz Williams before even one player committed for the class of 2014.  Then he decommitted after Williams left for Virginia Tech.  Then he was excited about his visit with new head coach Steve Wojciechowski.

Now Noskowiak is again verbally committed to Marquette.

*sigh*  Nick.  Buddy.  If you're reading this, just say Marquette. It's cool.  We know it's a university, you can just skip that word completely, alright?

Noskowiak is the first recruit to commit to Coach Wojo, not counting the already signed Sandy Cohen and transferring Matt Carlino.  He fills one of the four scholarships that will be available after the 2014-2015 season when Carlino, Juan Anderson, Todd Mayo, and Derrick Wilson all complete their eligibility.

Noskowiak had this to say to Jason Galloway of the Wisconsin State Journal:

"I knew I wanted to be there, so I kind of figured, why wait?" Noskowiak said. "I don’t feel like taking calls from other schools every day when I already know where I want to be. I feel like Coach Wojciechowski really wanted me to be his first ever recruit.

"He played my position at the highest level. I trust him 100 percent. I can tell in the amount of time we’ve spent together that he’s going to have my back no matter what."

The bigger news here, though, is that Noskowiak is tuned in to what's going on at Marquette.

That's right, Noskowiak dropped a DONE DEAL into his next tweet about his enthusiasm to attend Marquette and play for Wojciechowski.  I don't know about you guys, but this puts Noskowiak into the discussion for my top 10 favorite Marquette players already, and he can't even sign a national letter of intent until this coming November.

Now we just need to make sure no one tells George Thompson about what number Noskowiak prefers to wear....