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Elizabeth Goslee Named To US Lacrosse National Team Training Roster!


If Biz is going to be representing our country, we're going to need more pictures of Biz.
If Biz is going to be representing our country, we're going to need more pictures of Biz.

Back in May, we wrote about Marquette women's lacrosse defender Elizabeth Goslee getting to attend the training camp for the United States women's national lacrosse team.  I had completely forgotten about when the camp was scheduled for, and as it turns out, it wrapped up today at Georgetown University.

As such, US Lacrosse has named the 38 players that will comprise the training team leading to the 2017 Women's World Cup, and Goslee has made the cut!

At the time that the training camp was announced, I figured that Goslee had an outside shot of making the team.  While it was a deep pool of invitees, it stood to reason that Goslee would get consideration as US Lacrosse would be looking forward to what would make the best team in 2017.  That will end up being a year after Goslee finishes her eligibility, but that just means that she'll be about as close to as high level competition as you can get heading into 2017.  Also working in Goslee's favor was who is calling the shots for US Lacrosse.  Ricky Fried is the head coach for the women's national team, and he also happens to be the head coach at Georgetown.  That's given Fried an on field look at Goslee's play each of the last two seasons, which I'm sure helped contribute to his decisions.

Out of the 25 defenders that attended camp, 10 made it through to the 38 player roster.  Goslee is one of just three players that won't have played for an Atlantic Coast Conference team on their way through college.  Hofstra's Katie Hertsch is the second, and Becca Block is the third.  Block only makes it into the group of three through a technicality, as she attended Syracuse, but ended her eligibility in 2013 before the Orange moved to the ACC.  The other seven players are all from either North Carolina, Virginia, or Maryland.  Goslee is also one of just two players who were either freshmen or sophomores this past season that made it through to the training team roster, as well as the only player from the Big East.

While this is a fantastic individual honor for Goslee, it's also quite the tip of the cap to Marquette head coach Meredith Black.  US Lacrosse has confidence in the second year head coach to develop Goslee into the kind of player that the United States will need in three years to defend their World Cup title.  I think it's safe to say that this kind of attention will be getting tipped into recruiting packages that come out of the women's lacrosse office going forward.

The 38 player training roster will eventually be cut down to 18 players for the World Cup.  The team will reconvene for training on the first three days of August back at Georgetown.