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Todd Mayo Departs MU

Really... Was there any other way that this was going to end?

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Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

So apparently Todd Mayo has decided to depart Marquette to seek his fortune in the world of professional basketball. Of course he has.

Todd leaving the program amid strange circumstances shouldn't really surprise anyone.   His list of misadventures while a Golden Eagle is quite lengthy, and on more than one occasion it seemed that Mayo's career would be abbreviated for one reason or another.  There was:

  • Getting suspended for the first half of the West Virginia game his freshman year (and he probably could've been suspended for the whole game, except every other member of the back court was also suspended).
  • Getting sent home to think about life between his freshman and sophomore years.
  • Returning renewed from that non-suspension, only to then be ruled academically ineligible.
  • Returning from ineligibility to make minimal contributions and ride the pine for the majority of MU's Elite Eight run.
  • The continual need to move heaven and earth to stay eligible.
  • Getting suspended for the Wisconsin game last season.
  • The perpetual hate/hate relationship with Buzz Williams

There was some thought out there that Buzz's departure would help Todd take things to another level.  But it seems that was never a realistic option.  Even ESPN's Jeff Goodman seemed to believe Todd's exit was inevitable.

Soooo, yeah.  The only way Todd Mayo could have really surprised me, is if his Marquette career actually ended with a cap and gown.

That said, I don't begrudge Todd for trying to get paid while he can.  He's a little long in the tooth, as far as college kids go - turning 24 this year - so it makes sense that he would want to trade attempting make grades and stay on the court, for playing for a paycheck.  And I think that guy we saw draining tear-drop runners, in Madison as a freshman, or carrying a woeful offense last season will find a place in pro ball somewhere.

Good luck to ya, Todd!