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Women's Basketball Announces 2014-15 Non-Conference Schedule

It's an interesting mix of games for first year head coach Carolyn Kieger.

Arlesia Morse is MU's leading returning scorer as well as one of just two guards with any true experience.
Arlesia Morse is MU's leading returning scorer as well as one of just two guards with any true experience.

While the men's team goes about releasing one game at a time, the women's team has dropped their slate of 11 non-conference games all at one time this afternoon.

There's six home games and four road games, plus an exhibition game to kick things off. Three teams on the schedule - Duke, Vanderbilt, and South Dakota - appeared in the NCAA tournament last season, and MU will catch two of those teams at home in the Al McGuire Center.  Marquette also has an opportunity to win a State Championship this coming season, as they will take on all three of the other Division 1 programs in the state.  It's not going to be easy though, as UW-Green Bay is the first one on the schedule, and the Phoenix have won 16 straight Horizon League titles.  On top of that, they're going to be kind of pissed off, as they lost the Horizon League championship game, so UWGB missed the NCAA tournament.  Then they got bopped in the head in the first round of the WNIT by Minnesota, so yeah.  Not the best way to end that one.

All four of Marquette's road games in the non-conference end come against power conference teams.  They'll head to the ACC for the weekend before Thanksgiving to face Wake Forest and Duke, both of which are return games from last season.  On December 2nd, the Golden Eagles head down to Alabama to play Auburn before heading to Madison the following Saturday to take on those dastardly Badgers as we get Double Badger Hate Week yet again.  I'm starting to think that this is being done on purpose.

Here's the official list of games, along with the 2013-14 records for each team in parenthesis:

November 8: Exhibition vs Lewis

November 15: vs UW-Green Bay (22-10)
November 17: vs Loyola-Chicago (11-21)

November 21: at Wake Forest (15-16)
November 23: at Duke (28-7)

November 26: vs UW-Milwaukee (8-22)
November 29: vs South Dakota (17-14)

December 2: at Auburn (19-15)
December 6: at Wisconsin (10-19)

December 15: vs Northern Kentucky (18-13)
December 18: vs Vanderbilt (18-13)
December 21: vs Western Illinois (11-16)