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Marquette Men's Basketball Non-Conference Game #10: North Dakota

Bring on the .... Nothing? They don't actually have a nickname?

Yes, #15 on the bench, I'm pretty sure your teammates know Quinton Hooker has the ball.
Yes, #15 on the bench, I'm pretty sure your teammates know Quinton Hooker has the ball.
Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

North Dakota used to be called the Fighting Sioux.  Since 2012, when the residents of the state of North Dakota voted that nickname away, they've gone without a nickname for their sports teams.  In fact, the state has required a cooling off period that lasts until next year.  So it's all just UND or North Dakota when you refer to them.

Monday, December 22 - vs North Dakota

2013-14 Record: 17-17
Returning Points Leader: Quinton Hooker, 4.2 ppg
Returning Rebounds Leader: Chad Calcaterra, 2.2 rpg
Returning Assists Leader: Quinton Hooker, 1.9 apg
Final 2013-14 Ranking: #258

In North Dakota's first year of Division 1 post season eligibility, they came within about 35 minutes of making it to the NCAA tournament.  After going 12-8 in the Big Sky Conference, they made it to the conference tournament championship game, but Weber State ran out to a 18-6 lead in the first five minutes and never looked back.  This season may not be as friendly to the men from North Dakota, as they lose seven seniors, including their five most valuable players according to  Of course, you probably already guessed that after seeing the returning stats numbers in the capsule above.

Marquette holds a 4-0 record all time against North Dakota, but the two haven't played since December of 1963.  North Dakota has never managed to score more than 68 points against Marquette, so that's something to shoot for, I suppose.