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The AHL Has Released Their Schedule For The Bradley Center

And you're not really going to like the results as far as Saturday night Marquette home games goes...

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Previously, we took a look at the schedule for the Milwaukee Bucks to see when it was going to be available for Saturday night home games for Marquette.  The AHL released their schedule yesterday, so now we know when the Milwaukee Admirals will be occupying the Bradley Center.  That means we can start answering some questions that the NBA schedule raised.

1) Cirque du Soleil is jerks. When I saw that the Admirals are in the middle of a four game road swing on December 19th, when Marquette is playing Alabama A&M at the McGuire Center, I knew something was up.  The Bradley Center's website has been updated since the NBA schedule came out, and Cirque du Soleil will be occupying the arena from December 18-21.  BOOOOOOOO

2) The Admirals are snagging half of the remaining Saturday nights. Of the six open Saturday nights that the Bucks left behind, the Admirals will be occupying three of them: January 3, January 10, and February 21.  That leaves January 17 (Admirals road game), February 14, and February 28 (both no Admirals game at all) as available for Saturday night Marquette home games.

I'll go ahead and bet that Marquette will not be playing a home game on January 17th, as that's the date of the annual Snowball dance to close out Winter Flurry/the first week of the spring semester.  There hasn't been a home game on that date either of the last two years, and I don't see the university wanting to schedule a men's basketball game against Snowball.

In any case, if y'all have significant others who expect major Valentine's Day plans every year, it's time to start your planning.  In my case, I have nothing to worry about.

The last two years, the Big East conference schedule has been released on September 5th.  I wouldn't expect anything different again this year, so let's all take a deep relaxing breath and wait til next Friday...