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The Results Of The Offseason Shooting Training Program, Part 1

Part 2 coming this November.

Will 20,000 offseason shots help make Derrick Wilson a better shooter?
Will 20,000 offseason shots help make Derrick Wilson a better shooter?
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Have you seen Derrick Wilson's blog entries on  He's been writing about what's going on with the men's basketball program on a weekly (or so) basis, and we've been creating FanShots for them to help y'all know when new ones are posted.

(Aside: Did you know anyone can create FanShots on the SB Nation family of blogs?  If you find a blog post or news article or whatever else you find interesting elsewhere on the internet, just click on "FanShots" at the top of any AE page, and you can add it to the site for everyone else to find.)

Anyway, Wilson recently wrapped up the series of blog entries as it's time for a trip home before school starts in just over two weeks.  He had this line in the middle of it all:

My summers in Milwaukee have been great for the most part, but from as a basketball standpoint this was my most productive summer yet. I've gotten up over 20,000 shots, have had multiple workout sessions enhancing my skills and also have started to eat healthier, which has resulted in me dropping a few pounds and making my body feel better.

20,000 shots, huh?  Now, we don't know whether that's more, less, or equal to what was expected or required of Wilson in past summers.  What we do know is that 1) Marquette was absolutely terrible at shooting the basketball from behind the three point line each of the last two seasons, 2) assistant coach Brett Nelson gave the players a shooting drill card, and 3) Wilson said that he feels that this was his most productive summer on the court.

Derrick Wilson is a prime candidate to figure out the impact of the shooting drills, as he's attempted just 23 three pointers in three seasons at Marquette.  Wilson has only made two of those attempts, one in each of the last two seasons.  I don't know how Steve Wojciechowski is going to be handing out minutes yet, but I think it's safe to say that we're going to figure out pretty quick when Wilson hits the floor as to whether he feels more comfortable shooting the ball and whether Derrick and the rest of the team going to be capable of hitting shots, too.