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The College Football Anarchist's Guide To Week 3

These guides are bound to get more interesting eventually when someone important loses.

Who knows how often we'll have Texas A&M in the Anarchist's Guide, so here's Aggies QB Kenny Hill.
Who knows how often we'll have Texas A&M in the Anarchist's Guide, so here's Aggies QB Kenny Hill.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

But for now, none of the top 12 teams in the newest Associated Press poll have lost, so business is still pretty slow.  In fact, it's so slow that neither #1 Florida State nor #5 Auburn are in action this week.  We promised a look at the top five teams in action every Saturday, so we'll dig down to #7 for this week's guide.  All times are Central, and all lines are courtesy of Bovada.

#2 Oregon (2-0) vs Wyoming (2-0)

Time: 1pm Central, on Pac12 Networks
Line: Oregon -44
Chance Of Losing: Very Low
Possible Chaos Level: Very High

Not all 2-0 records are the same.  Wyoming has a 17-12 win over Montana and a 17-13 win over Air Force.  Oregon has a 62-13 destruction of South Dakota and a 46-27 embarrassing of Michigan State.  Not expecting a lot of resistance from the Cowboys here.

#3 Alabama (2-0) vs Southern Miss (1-1)

Time: 5pm Central, on ESPN2
Line: Alabama -48
Chance Of Losing: Very Low
Possible Chaos Level: Very High

If you don't think that Nick Saban's not writing "49-0," the score of Southern Miss' loss to Mississippi State, on the dry erase board before the game, I don't know what to tell you.  Roll damn Tide, I guess.

#4 Oklahoma (2-0) vs Tennessee (2-0)

Time: 7pm Central, on ABC
Line: Oklahoma -21
Chances Of Losing: Low
Possible Chaos Level: High

Tennessee slapped Arkansas State and Utah State around for their two wins this season.  They were picked to finish fifth in the SEC East division.  Don't get me wrong, they'll be a sterner test for the Sooners than Louisiana Tech and Tulsa were, but I'd take OU and the points if I were you.  With that said, if Butch Jones has something from OU's game film that he's managed to figure out how to take advantage of... well, things will start breaking loose in Knoxville, much less in the playoff picture.  OU might be able to survive a loss to an SEC team to make the playoff, but it definitely won't help them if the Vols can't continue that success.

#6 Georgia (1-0) vs #24 South Carolina (1-1)

Time: 2:30pm Central, on CBS
Line: Georgia -7
Chances Of Losing: High
Possible Chaos Level: Medium

OL' BALL COACH ALERT.  Spurrier's not gonna be happy if the Gamecocks start 0-2 in SEC play, so he's gonna have them as ready as they can be.  The bad news is that Texas A&M destroyed them for 52 points and 680 yards of total offense.  The even worse news is that Georgia running back Todd Gurley is a beast. He averaged 13.2 yards per carry against #14 Clemson two weeks ago and just barely missed 200 yards rushing with his longest carry being "just" 51 yards.  When Gurley's taking a breather from running through dudes, Nick Chubb's no slouch, either.

Georgia's sitting well outside the playoff right now, so they really can't afford to lose, but it's not going to affect the playoff picture if they do.  I would have your "Mark Richt has lost control" jokes ready, though.

#7 Texas A&M (2-0) vs Rice (0-1)

Time: 8pm Central, on ESPN2
Line: Texas A&M -33
Chances Of Losing: Very Low
Possible Chaos Level: Medium

Ok, let's be honest: As long as Kenny Hill isn't preoccupied by filling out trademark paperwork, the Aggies are going to roll over the Owls here.  Rice got plastered by Notre Dame in their opener, and let's be honest: Brian Kelly's not the offensive wizard that Kevin Sumlin is.

While the chances of A&M losing are low here, the chaos level is only a medium.  You could probably argue it's actually low.  A TAMU loss here will probably completely submarine their chances at the playoff foursome, but it's not going to throw things into mad insanity at this point of the season, either.