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The Marquette Related Tweet Of The Week: 8/26-9/1

We check in on an old.... well, friend isn't really the right word...

It came from the Oakland Zoo...
It came from the Oakland Zoo...
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Here at Anonymous Eagle, we're hip to all the latest trends on the internet... or so we tell ourselves. We know how much the kids today like to keep in touch and communicate through social media. In particular, we're big fans of the service known the world over as Twitter. Each week, we'll bring you a tweet that we found particularly interesting/funny/thought provoking/ridiculous that has some kind of Marquette connection to it.

Do you remember Sad Pitt Bear?  Back on January 12, 2013, Marquette played at Pittsburgh.  Both teams lost their starting point guards in the first half, and after Davante Gardner gave the ball up twice when Pitt was trying to foul, once to Derrick Wilson (who actually made a FT) and once to the second row of the crowd, Pitt rallied to tie the game and send it to overtime.

Comeback, overtime, their building... not a good sign for MU, right?  But Marquette would never trail in overtime.  The extra session started with a Trent Lockett steal, a pair of free throws from Vander Blue, and a bucket from Gardner.  James Robinson would cut that lead in half of Pitt's next possession, but that's as close as things got.  With less than a minute left, Robinson was shooting free throws after Jamil Wilson's fifth foul of the game, because only Jamil could foul out in overtime while up eight with 60 seconds left.  Robinson made the first, and then the ESPNU camera cut to a wide shot of The Oakland Zoo, slowly zooming in, until this is what was on the screen:


Marquette won the game easily from that point, icing things up at the free throw line, and thus was born Sad Pitt Bear.  Sad Pitt Bear has turned into a bit of a meme around these parts, or at least on Twitter, where we can use it to make fun of the Panthers' misfortunes.  It even went international during the 2014 Winter Olympics, where we got to meet Sad Pitt Bear's Russian cousin, Sad Sochi Bear, after the Russian hockey team was knocked out of the tournament.

We haven't actually seen Sad Pitt Bear since 2013, so naturally you start to wonder what he's been up to.  Well, wonder no longer!

The Twitter account belongs to Richard Johnson, who covers the Florida Gators for and the Florida Times-Union.  Given that information, I have to presume that Sad Pitt Bear is doing the Gator Chomp, and thus has completely turned his back on the Panthers.  Kind of sad, really, when you think about it, especially since Pitt's football team just obliterated Delaware over the weekend.

I wonder where Sad Pitt Bear will pop up next...

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