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Things To Remember About Henry Ellenson's Visit To Marquette

A few things to keep in mind...

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1) It's fine if he doesn't verbally commit to Marquette this weekend.

Ellenson has already scheduled a trip to visit Kentucky in October.  Since that's an official visit, UK is picking up the tab, and while Lexington ain't exactly South Beach, it's still fun to have someone else paying your expenses for the weekend.  It's also the weekend of their Midnight Madness event, and there's no point in verballing to Marquette when you're going to get a front row seat to that kind of extravaganza.

Henry Ellenson comes across as a smart, level-headed kid in this piece by Michael Hunt of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, so if October 1st (or 15th, or 31st) rolls around without any news breaking, that's perfectly okay.

2) It's fine if he ends up going somewhere else.

I don't really have any deeper thoughts on the topic, but there's nothing wrong about losing out on a recruit to either Michigan State or Kentucky.  Good schools, good basketball programs, legendary coaches.  If Ellenson wants to go there, no big deal.  This is important to remember because....

3) Wally Ellenson is still going to be at Marquette for three more years.

I'm not saying that Marquette fans have a history of lashing out at recruits who choose other programs.  Far from it, in fact.  But if there was ever a situation where you definitely need to put a lid on any dumb thoughts you have about badmouthing Henry because of how his recruiting process goes, this is it.  Henry's older brother Wally is going to be sitting out 2014-15 due to transfer restrictions before playing his final two seasons of eligibility in a blue & gold uniform. In fact, Wally has a chance at winning a national championship in the high jump for MU's track & field team.  Let's not do anything dumb that is going to make things awkward for him.  And speaking of things that are dumb...

4) Don't send tweets to Henry Ellenson.

That goes for the other recruits, too.  It's just weird.  Did you really want strangers hassling you about your college decision when you were narrowing down your list?  Well, neither do these kids.  Let them be, and cut Danielle Josetti and Marquette's compliance office a break, too.