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Women's Soccer: Marquette and Colorado College Play To A Scoreless Draw


Amanda Engel earned her second shutout of the season on Sunday.
Amanda Engel earned her second shutout of the season on Sunday.

You know what's worse than a scoreless draw?  A scoreless draw that has a 52 minute lightning delay.

That's what we got on Sunday afternoon, as Marquette and Colorado College played to a standstill.  It wasn't just a standstill on the scoreboard.  The two squads tied on total shots at 18, although it took Colorado College getting four extra cracks in the 20 minutes of overtime to get there.  Marquette had a 7-6 advantage on shots on goal, and took four corner kicks against three from the Tigers.

Business did pick up after the lightning delay.  The two teams had combined for 21 shots in the first 67 minutes, but they tallied 11 over the final 23 minutes of regulation.  Things slowed way, way down once things moved to overtime, but at least things were moving for a while there.

In terms of figuring out where Marquette is in their development as a team this season, goalkeeper Amanda Engel played all 110 minutes, as did her four defenders: Haley Fritzlen, Morgan Proffitt, Jacie Jermier, and Erin Holland.  Mary Luba also played all 110 in the midfield, and Liz Bartels played 104 minutes.  I don't fault Markus Roeders for trying to find Bartels a spot for a breather, as Bartels is a firework when she's on the field, and it's good to see Luba getting that run after missing last Sunday's game against Nebraska with a knee issue.  It is concerning to see the "11" in the minutes column next to Ashley Handwork's name, though.  Handwork also missed the Nebraska game, but she was dealing with a concussion at the time.  She played 54 minutes against New Mexico on Friday, so we'll have to keep an eye on how she's progressing going forward.

Up Next: Speaking of going forward, Marquette is back at home on Thursday evening when they play host to UW-Milwaukee.  The Panthers are 1-5-0 on the season and have been shut out four times.  They're coming off of a 3-2 loss to DePaul on Sunday, as the Blue Demons are off to the best start in school history.