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Marquette Basketball Recruiting: Nick Noskowiak Explains Why He's Missed Sun Prairie's Last Five Games

Going to try to keep this as fact based as possible....

Using a mascot picture seemed wrong, so here's a picture of campus.
Using a mascot picture seemed wrong, so here's a picture of campus.
Ben Smidt/

I have Google Alerts set for each of Marquette's basketball recruits, both for men's and women's basketball.  It allows us to point FanShots every time an article about them gets posted somewhere on the internet.  So, when I got an email with a link to an article that detailed how Sun Prairie senior Nick Noskowiak surprisingly didn't play in a game and that the opposing coach didn't know for sure why that was the case, it was a little surprising.

Then came another one.  That led to a little poking around the Marquette themed corners of internet, but no solid information as to what was going on.  The lack of solid factual information relating to Noskowiak missing five straight games is what led him to open up his Facebook account today, type a message, take a picture of it, and post said picture to Twitter.

This post has been up for seven hours as I type this, and if you look at it carefully, you can see the name "Nick" on the top of the Facebook page.  Combine that with the two responses on Noskowiak's Twitter stream, and I feel comfortable believing that this is legitimate and not a mean-spirited prank on him.

The text of the message, in case you can't make it out, is as follows:

I would like to dispel any rumors or questions that have arisen due to my absence on the Sun Prairie basketball team.  I have been struggling with depression these last 4 months, which has caused me to miss alot of school and basketball.  Right now i am focusing on me, and my health.  I really want to thank coach Wojo and MU for their caring and continued support

Nick, if you're reading this: We here at Anonymous Eagle have a deep respect for you for saying something like this publicly.  We hope you can get to a place where you can get back to class on a regular basis, and then play for Sun Prairie again this season.  We look forward to seeing you in blue & gold next fall.

(h/t to @go_marquette)