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Around The Big East: 1.20.15

For the second day in a row, we ask what the hell happened with the team that lost the only game of the day.

Pope-ing ain't easy.
Pope-ing ain't easy.
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Georgetown 78, #4 Villanova 58 - This game was tied at four points a piece after 3 minutes and 40 seconds.

Then, Georgetown scored the next seven points to take an advantage.  While the Wildcats would close that gap shortly, it was a precursor to what would happen over the rest of the first half.  A 17-0 run blew this game wiiiiiide open in favor of the Hoyas, and even once Nova started scoring, they weren't able to keep it close with Georgetown.

They broke the run when Dylan Ennis split a pair of free throws to make it 30-12, but the lead would shoot to as many as 23 before settling at 22 at halftime.  Georgetown would lead by as many as 26 in the second half, and I guess, if you want, you could claim that Villanova made it interesting with a triple from Ryan Arcidiacono with 9:36 remaining that cut the lead to just 12, and again on a pair of free throws from JayVaughn Pinkston with 8:06 left.  From there, though, Georgetown scored the next six points of the game and took three minutes to do it, which pretty much cut the life out of the Wildcats.

Georgetown shot 60% from the field in the first half with an effective field goal percentage of 70%, and ended up shooting 51% against Villanova's 34% for the full 40 minutes.

Isaac Copeland and D`Vauntes Smith-Rivera tied for the game high in scoring with 17 points, while Arcidiacono led the Wildcats with 16 points.  Check out Casual Hoya as they celebrate the win, and VU Hoops as they survey the wreckage.