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Marquette's Jajuan Johnson Hung A Monster Dunk On St. John's Chris Obekpa

It's just one basket from MU's loss at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday, but it was still pretty flipping sweet.

Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

First, Jajuan Johnson's dunk in GIF format, thanks to our SB Nation overlords:

Jajuan Dunks On Obepka

Now in Vine, courtesy of Sporting News' Troy Machir:

And lastly, still imagery, provided by ESPN and pushed along to us by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Matt Velazquez:

I like dunks.  Do that more, Mr. Johnson.

UPDATE: Paint Touches reminded us that Fox Sports posted the entire possession, so now you can see how Marquette set up the whole thing.  Bonus: watching the ball bounce back down the court and St. John's has to run it down so they can throw it back and inbound it.