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Marquette Basketball Introduces The Coors Light Corner

The Golden Eagles are introducing a special seating section for recent graduates, and ohhhhhh, this is fantastic.

It's like this, except with (probably) less Eagle wing smacking you in the face.
It's like this, except with (probably) less Eagle wing smacking you in the face.
Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

Marquette men's basketball has introduced a new type of season ticket, and it's aimed directly at recent graduates that haven't signed up for full priced season tickets yet.

Starting immediately, anyone who has earned a Marquette diploma since May 2011 can buy tickets in the Coors Light Corner.  Here's the deal:

For $150, you get

  • a ticket in either Section 427 or 428 to every single men's basketball game in the 2015-16 season
  • a Coors Light Corner section T shirt
  • a "piece of glassware co-branded by Marquette Basketball and Coors Light," which I presume is a pint glass with a MU logo on one side and a Coors Light logo on the other
  • a voucher for a Coors Light for each game of the season
  • an entry in a raffle to get to go to the Marquette Basketball Fantasy Camp
  • a $50 donation to the Blue & Gold Fund

Let me translate all of that from press release-ese for you.

You save $125 off the price of season tickets, you get a free pint glass, a coupon for a beer at every game this season, and you get to start earning priority points towards full fledged season tickets if when you eventually upgrade, and a $50 tax deduction.  All of that for just $51 more than student tickets would have set you back this season, which is essentially the amount you're donating to the Blue & Gold Fund anyway.

The only possible drawback here is that the seats are upstairs.  On the other hand, sections 427 and 428 are the two sections directly next to the already existing student section, so it's really just like you're still in the student section, just slightly late enough where you can't sit downstairs, plus you don't have worry about that crazy running to get a seat any more.

In case you're a recent grad that just snagged season tickets in expectation of a very exciting second season under the guidance of Steve Wojciechowski, I recommend that you give the ticket office a call right now.

You can read the whole press release from Marquette right here.