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USA Today Released The 2015-16 Preseason Coaches Poll

And I mention this because it's more relevant that anyone probably expected.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

We took one step closer to the 2015-16 college basketball season on Thursday when USA Today released the preseason version of the coaches poll.

We'll get to the top 25 teams in the country in a moment, but the important note for Marquette fans comes at the bottom of the page, under Others Receiving Votes.  Down there, all the way at the bottom, joining Tulsa, Dayton, and Old Dominion with one 25th place vote in one voter's list is....... YOUR Marquette Golden Eagles.

Yeah, that's right, one of the 32 voters put Marquette in the #25 slot on their ballot, and thus granted the Golden Eagles one point.  The voting group consists of one head coach from each of the 32 conferences in the country.  My best guess as to who voted for Marquette is Big East rep Greg McDermott from Creighton, as none of the names on the list really jump out at me as having some kind of connection to Marquette or the Big East.  UWM's Rob Jeter is a voter, so it's possible that he could be MU's big fan right now.

Here's the top 25:

Rank Team Points
1 Kentucky 749
1 North Carolina 749
3 Maryland 723
4 Duke 686
5 Kansas 675
6 Virginia 667
7 Iowa State 541
8 Oklahoma 520
9 Villanova 498
10 Arizona 477
11 Gonzaga 468
12 Wichita State 461
13 Michigan State 386
14 California 350
15 Indiana 312
16 Utah 250
17 Wisconsin 181
18 Notre Dame 172
19 LSU 163
20 Vanderbilt 153
21 Baylor 145
22 Butler 132
23 West Virginia 125
24 Purdue 110
24 Connecticut 110

There are two Big East teams in the top 25: Villanova at #9 and Butler at #22.  In addition to the four games that they'll play against those squads this season, Marquette will also see two more teams with a preseason ranking: #17 Wisconsin as a part of the yearly matchup against the Badgers, and #19 LSU, which will be MU's opponent in the first game of the Legends Classic at the Barclays Center.

Past the top 25, there are five teams that showed up on at least one ballot that are on the schedule for Marquette this season: Georgetown (45 points), Xavier (25 points), Iowa (8 points), Providence (5 points), and Belmont (2 points).

You can check out the entire poll results and the list of voters right here.