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Unscientific Predictions: 2015 Big East Women's Soccer Postseason Awards

Those postseason awards are coming eventually, so let's stay ahead of the curve and predict some awards.

Morgan Proffitt is the lone Golden Eagle on my all-conference team.
Morgan Proffitt is the lone Golden Eagle on my all-conference team.

I've learned my lesson from past seasons.  The Big East is notoriously unpredictable as to how long they'll wait after the season ends before announcing the postseason awards for the various sports.  Women's soccer ends their regular season on Friday, so it's not likely that the league will announce awards on Saturday.

But it's not 100%, so we're going to predict some awards before the season ends.  You're not going to catch me off guard, Big East.  I've got my eye on you.

Offensive Player Of The Year: Rachel Daly, F, St. John's

Daly leads the Big East in points with 40, 14 more than any other player.  She also leads the league in goals with 18, seven more than any other player.  Next.

Defensive Player Of The Year: Sarah Gorden, D, DePaul

It's hard to really discern who the Big East coaches actually think is the best defensive player in the league.  Gorden was named Defensive Player of the Week four times this season, and is one of two players to earn that honor more than once this season.  Seems like as good a reason as any to go with her.

Midfielder Of The Year: Rachel Corboz, M, Georgetown

Tied for the league lead in assists.  Tied for second in points.  Fourth in goals.  Named Offensive Player of the Week once.  Named to the Weekly Honor Roll twice.  The Corboz Era continues on with Daphne's younger sister.

Goalkeeper Of The Year: Alejandria Godinez, DePaul

Watch, I'm going to be wrong on this.  I just know that the Big East coaches are going to vote for Diana Poulin, even though Godinez has a fractionally better goals-against average.  They're going to vote for Poulin, even though she's played 500 minutes less than Godinez.  They're going to vote for Poulin, even though she didn't start seven of the 16 matches that St. John's played this season.  Watch.  It's going to happen.

Freshman Of The Year: Samantha Dewey, F, Xavier

I had to make a correction here as I was putting this article together.  My guideline on these predictions is the weekly awards that the Big East hands out during the season.  A quick glance at the "Rookie of the Week" listing that I assembled during the course of the season showed me that DePaul's Franny Cerny was named ROTW four times, more than anyone else.  Easy pick for the year long award, right?

Except Dewey is tied for fourth in the league in points, tied for sixth in goals, and tied for the most assists in the Big East.  Also, she's beating out Cerny in all of those categories.  Dewey it is, then.

Coach Of The Year: Ian Stone, St. John's

This is admittedly a blind guess.  No one in the league made a big jump up the standings from where they were predicted to finish back in August.  The top four teams from the preseason poll are the top four teams in the league standings right now, so we can't base it on that.  St. John's is in first right now and they were co-favorites to win the league back in August, so I'm going with Stone as my pick.  If something insane happens on Friday and Marquette ends up splitting the league title with the Red Storm, who knows who ends up with this award.

All Big East Team

Rachel Corboz, M, Georgetown
Rachel Daly, F, St. John's
Samantha Dewey, F, Xavier
Alejandria Godinez, GK, DePaul
Sarah Gorden, D, DePaul
Georgia Kearney-Perry, D, St. John's
Sophia Maccagnone, M, Butler
Morgan Proffitt, D, Marquette
Lauren Sullivan, F/M, Creighton
Morgan Tinari, F/M, St. John's
Elise Wyatt, F, DePaul

Corboz, Daly, Godinez, and Gorden all make it in on their individual awards automatically, and given the reason that she won it, so does Dewey.  From there, it was just filling in the rest of the spots on the 11 woman team.  Wyatt is tied for the second most points and has the second most goals.  Sullivan is top five in points and goals.  Proffitt is the other player to get multiple Defensive Player of the Week awards and GKP was preseason Defensive Player of the Year.  The last two spots are up for question.  Maccagnone is tied for sixth in the league in goals and is seventh in points, but I needed midfielders.  Tinari is also a little bit of a question, but between her designation as forward/midfielder on the SJU roster and her spot in a tie atop the assists leaderboard, I gave her one of the spots.  This is all variable based on how the Big East forces the coaches to vote, as I have a three forward/three midfielder/two mid-forward combo/three defense formation, and that might not match the actual ballot.  Seems fair, though, right?