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Welcome To The Fall Signing Period!

How convenient that basketball tucks its big recruiting news day right before the start of the regular season.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Today is November 11, 2015, which means it's the start of the fall signing period.  High school seniors that have made verbal commitments to schools are allowed to sign their National Letter of Intent today and send them in to the school of their choice, thus officially ending the recruiting process.  Once the players are signed, the school can officially begin talking about those players in public, so I imagine it's a bit of a feeling of freedom in offices around the country.

Marquette men's basketball has two verbal commitments at the moment, although I'm not 100% sure if both will be signing during the fall period.  Sam Hauser, a forward from Stevens Point, Wisconsin, should be sending in his NLI today.  The other verbal commitment is Brendan Bailey, a forward from American Fork, Utah.  Everything I've heard from people talking about Bailey is that he's going to be taking a Mormon mission after high school, so I'm not sure how that affects his ability to sign a letter right now.  If we're lucky, he'll sign and then Steve Wojciechowski will be able to talk about what's going on in that regard.

Presuming Bailey isn't enrolling until the fall of 2018, that means that Marquette does have one open scholarship uncommitted for next fall.  It's possible that someone could make their verbal commitment at some point in the next week, but expecting that is probably a bit much.

It's also signing day for women's basketball.  As far as I can tell, Marquette and head coach Carolyn Kieger are expecting three signees: Altia Anderson, Meghan Mandel, and Lauren Van Kleunen.  Anderson and Mandel were apparently the first two players to commit to Kieger, although Van Kleunen was the first one that I found out about.  Those three commitments leave MU with one open scholarship, but with eight freshmen this year, I'd expect Kieger to pocket that one for the future.

We can also expect signing news from all of Marquette's sports except for soccer.  I don't know why soccer gets a whacky signing period to share with men's water polo, but there you go.  Recruiting news for MU's other sports is... let's say... a bit hard to come by for various reasons, but I expect each program to make a big deal about their signees at the appropriate time.