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Only One Way To Start The 2015-16 Marquette Men's Basketball Season: PRAY

At 8pm tonight, we get to wash the taste of the last two seasons out of our mouths as the Henry Ellenson Era officially begins at Marquette.

It should be a fantastic game, as Belmont is a savvy veteran team that threw a scare into Virginia in the NCAA tournament back in March. Paint Touches put together a nice article that points out that this might actually be the most important game of the season for Marquette. It's a pretty important game for Belmont, too. They're the favorite in the Ohio Valley Conference this season, which is traditionally only earns one automatic bid to the NCAA tournament. If Belmont were to secure a win over Marquette, it could be enough to salvage an NCAA bid if the Bruins get upset in the OVC conference tournament. KenPom lists Marquette as the favorite, predicting a 76-68 win for the good guys and a 77% chance for victory.

UGH, 8pm starts are the worst. Can we just get this thing started at noon? Someone get Belmont and Rick Byrd on the phone. I know they're already in town.

BONUS VIDEO: Kurtis Blow telling us all about his favorite sport.