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Did Steve Wojciechowski Confiscate The Marquette Basketball Practice Gear?

I mean, it's possible, right?

Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

After Thursday night's #BEATEMDOWN loss to Iowa, I listened to head coach Steve Wojciechowski on the post game radio show with Steve "The Homer" True and Marquette great Jim McIlvaine.  It was a relatively terse conversation as Wojo didn't have much insight to offer Homer and Mac on what happened in the game and from what he did say, you could tell that Wojo was very carefully choosing his words in an effort to not blast everyone involved with the program.  I could be mistaken, but it seemed like Homer cut the interview a bit short given the underlying emotion to the segment.

Cut to today, where Marquette is at the Barclays Center for a shoot around ahead of tonight's game with LSU.

Well, that's cute, I guess.  I wonder if this is a Rucker Park kind of thing, and Wojo's just trying to lighten the mood...

Well, maybe not.  That's plain white T's and plain black shorts, too, from what I can tell.  Actually, let's take a closer look at that picture and then at this one....

Wojo and his staff are in plain white T's and track pants, while the players (and managers) are in T's and shorts.

Maybe it is something whacky and creative because they're in Brooklyn.  Or maybe Wojo confiscated the Marquette branded apparel that everyone - AND THE ROCK MEANS EVERYONE - usually wears for things like this, which is the same practice gear that we saw so much of during the trip to Europe.

Either way, it seems like Wojciechowski is doing something to jumpstart his team after their 1-2 start, unless of course, all this means is that a manager forgot the bag with the practice gear in it.

UPDATE: Matty V is ON IT.