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Five Marquette Women's Soccer Players Earn All-Big East Recognition

We take a spin through all of the Big East's postseason women's soccer awards, and yes, there will be shouting.

Jacie Jermier wrapped up her collegiate career with an all-Big East First Team nod.
Jacie Jermier wrapped up her collegiate career with an all-Big East First Team nod.

Five Golden Eagles picked up all-Big East honors on Tuesday when the league announced the postseason awards.

Morgan Proffitt and Jacie Jermier were both named to the First Team, while Darian Powell and Liz Bartels landed on the Second Team.  Jamie Kutey earned all-freshman team honors to round out the list of Marquette honorees.

While Proffitt and Jermier play a primarily defensive role for Marquette, both women contributed on the offensive end as well this season.  Jermier is tied for second on the team with 10 points on two goals and six assists this season, while Proffitt is locked in a four way tie for the second most goals on the team with three.  Bartels is one of the other three players tied with Proffitt and her four assists have her tied with Jermier in the points category.  Powell is the most offensively accomplished player on the squad this season, leading Marquette with seven goals and 15 points.  Kutey played in 18 of Marquette's 19 matches this season, earning five starts along the way.  She recorded one goal and one assist while playing in less than 45% of MU's minutes.

With that out of the way, let's turn our attention to the full league picture.  Some of these awards are chafing my britches.

Offensive Player of the Year: Rachel Daly, St. John's

As covered in our predictions post, that's absolutely the right choice.  I like it when someone runs away with the scoring title.

Defensive Player of the Year: Georgia Kearney-Perry, St. John's

All y'all coaches are just lazy voters. GKP has now won four straight DPOY votes, taking the trophy for the preseason and postseason honors for both the 2014 and 2015 seasons.  Lazy.

DePaul's Sarah Gorden won a bunch of Defensive Player of the Week awards this season, and y'all voted her nothing.  Lazy.

Goalkeeper of the Year: Diana Poulin, St. John's

OH AND SPEAKING OF LAZY.  Poulin's now won the last three GKOTY awards, even though she was splitting time earlier this season.  She wasn't SJU's full time keeper and she doesn't have the stats to back this up.  This is yet another terrible injustice against DePaul's Alejandria Godinez.

Freshman of the Year: Franny Cerny, DePaul

Ok, look, I almost made Cerny my pick for this award.  She won the weekly version more than anyone else this season, so I can't really fault the coaches for voting for her.  WITH THAT SAID, Xavier's Samantha Dewey outscored Cerny (not to mention all but three players in the Big East) and was tied for the league lead in assists heading into the final match day.  All this, while being Xavier's most dangerous attacker.  Cerny was just a cog in the Blue Demon machine, so Dewey is much more deserving in my book.

Coaching Staff of the Year: Ian Stone & St. John's

Weird goalkeeping issues aside, Stone guided the Red Storm to a regular season title after being picked as co-favorites to win back in August.  Can't beat that.

Moving on to the all-league teams...

First Team All Big East

Alexa Ben, DePaul, So., M
Rachel Corboz, Georgetown, So., M
Rachel Daly, St. John's, Sr., F*
Sarah Gorden, DePaul, Sr., D
Jacie Jermier, Marquette, R-Sr., D
Serina Kashimoto, Butler, Jr., M
Georgia Kearney-Perry, St. John's, R-Sr., D*
Sophia Maccagnone, Butler, Sr., M
Diana Poulin, St. John's, Jr., GK
Morgan Proffitt, Marquette, Jr., M/D
Elise Wyatt, DePaul, Sr., F
Catherine Zimmerman, Providence, Sr., F/M

Second Team All-Big East

Sarah Adams, Georgetown, Sr., D
Liz Bartels, Marquette, Jr., M
Emily Cubbage, St. John's, Sr., M
Lucy Edwards, DePaul, So., M
Alex Godinez, DePaul, Sr., GK
Emma Newins, Georgetown, Grad., GK
Taylor Pak, Georgetown, So., M
Darian Powell, Marquette, Jr., F
Brianna Ryce, DePaul, Sr., D
Lauren Sullivan, Creighton, Jr., F
Crystal Thomas, Georgetown, Sr., F
Elizabeth Wenger, Georgetown, So., D

Big East All-Freshman Team

Anna Maria Baldursdottir, St. John's, Fr., M
Franny Cerny, DePaul, Fr., F*
Samantha Dewey, Xavier, Fr., F*
Casey Etsey, Providence, Fr., F*
Caitlin Farrell, Georgetown, Fr., F*
Madeline Frick, DePaul, Fr, F/M
Eva Gonzalez, Seton Hall, Fr., M
Jamie Kutey, Marquette, Fr., M
Paige Monaghan, Butler, Fr., F
Halle Stelbasky, Butler, Fr., F*
Lucy Whipp, St. John's, F*

The asterisks are for the unanimous choices in those categories.

I have to say that I don't particularly agree with the First Team selections.  Obviously, I'm going to have an issue with Poulin over Godinez, but we've been over that already.  I didn't pick Jermier or Kashimoto, but as more defensively oriented players, I'll go with the Big East coaches on those two.  The ones I really don't get are Alexa Ben and Catherine Zimmerman, ESPECIALLY Zimmerman.  I really don't give a crap if you lead the Big East in shots.  Shots are absolutely worthless without goals, and Zimmerman doesn't crack the top 10 in points, goals, or assists.  I have no idea how a completely offensively minded player like Zimmerman is on this list over Xavier's Samantha Dewey (5th in points, 6th in goals, 2nd in assists), Creighton's Lauren Sullivan (4th in points, T-3rd in goals), or St. John's Morgan Tinari (#1 in assists).  At least with Ben, you can say, "oh, look, she's fourth in assists."  That means she's worse in that category alone than Tinari and Dewey, but at least you can say it.

Speaking of Tinari, what kind of weird world do we live in where you can rank in the top 20 in the country in assists and not get a sniff of being one of the 24 best players in your conference?  Is it worse that a player with Samantha Dewey's stats on the season can't get in that grouping either?  I get that there's more to soccer than putting points on the board, but COME ON HERE.