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Milwaukee Bucks Release Renderings Of New Arena Interior

Lookin' kinda fancy there.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The Milwaukee Bucks have released two renderings of what they anticipate the interior of the new downtown arena will look like when construction is finished in the fall of 2018.

Here are the two images, first the arena bowl...

Arena bowl via

and then the arena lobby...

Bucks lobby via

You can click these links - arena bowl and arena lobby - for high resolution versions of the images.

I don't have anything particular to say about the lobby, other than I'm curious about lighting at night when most of the games are going to take place.

The arena though... man, that looks pretty snazzy.  My gut reaction is that it looks like a heavy majority of the seats will be in the lower bowl.  The angle we get in this shot also shows us what the student section for Marquette games would look like, presuming that MU keeps the current seating arrangement in place.

By the way: Given the financial considerations involved in something like this, I don't expect any changes to the location of the student section, not if this is how the seating in the new arena is going to look.

If someone is handy with the photoshop, I think it would be kind of keen to see the arena bowl shot with a blue and/or gold tint instead of the Bucks green tint due to the lighting.

Your thoughts on the arena design?