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Marquette Basketball Gets A Vote In The Associated Press Poll

Shoutout to Dave Borges!

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

For the first time since November 25, 2013, Marquette basketball can see their name on the Associated Press poll voting list.

Dave Borges of the New Haven Register gave the Golden Eagles the #25 slot on his weekly ballot, thus giving MU one point.  Borges was the only voter to include Marquette on their ballot, meaning Marquette finishes this week's voting with just that lone, singular point.

It's the first time that Marquette has received any votes in the Associated Press poll since November 25, 2013.  At that time, the Golden Eagles were ranked #25 in the country when they headed out west and took a loss at Arizona State before going 2-1 at the Wooden Legacy.  That knocked Marquette out of the balloting and they haven't gotten a vote since.... until now.

It's possible that Marquette slips back off the AP's radar when the poll comes out next week, as the Golden Eagles won't be playing a game before next week Monday.  Finals week is a harsh mistress.

You can check out the full AP poll here, and check out Dave Borges' full ballot here.