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Henry Ellenson's Assault On The Marquette Record Book Begins In Earnest

I don't know if you've heard, but Henry Ellenson's pretty good at basketball, to the point where he is already starting to re-write the MU record book.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

For our Big East swing around post, I knew I didn't have to go terribly indepth for Marquette.  The audience for this site is Marquette fans, and generally speaking, y'all are paying close enough attention to the Golden Eagles.  That sent me off looking for fun facts to talk about, and that led me to the Marquette record book.  That led me to discover this fun fact:

If Henry Ellenson grabs 10 rebounds against Seton Hall, just 0.2 rebounds more than his season average, he will move into a tie for the 10th most rebounds by a freshman in Marquette history.

With 19 games guaranteed left to play.

If Henry is that close to the top 10 in rebounds already, then the questions to ask are as follows:

  1. Does he have a shot at the freshman record?
  2. Does he have a shot at any other freshman records?
  3. Does he have a shot at any single season records?

Let's see, shall we?  As a disclaimer here, I'm going to point out that I'm taking Henry's averages in all of these categories, and then rounding them all down.  With the level of competition going up as Marquette enters conference play, it's likely that Ellenson's averages will dip a little.  I'm also only counting the 20 remaining games that are guaranteed to Marquette: 18 regular season Big East games, a game against Stetson, and one Big East tournament game.  Think of it this way: I am laying out worst case scenarios here.


16 points per game + 201 current points = 521 points

Freshman Scoring
Dominic James 473
Doc Rivers 434
Damon Key 383
Duane Wilson 380


16.8 points per game

Freshman Scoring Average
Dominic James 15.3
Doc Rivers 14.0
Damon Key 13.2
Bo Ellis 12.2


6 makes per game + 73 current makes = 193 FGM

Freshman Field Goals Made
Doc Rivers 182
Dominic James 174
Bo Ellis 167
Damon Key 151


13 attempts per game + 162 current attempts = 422 FGA

Freshman Field Goals Attempted
Dominic James 404
Doc Rivers 329
Bo Ellis 312
Jerel McNeal 312


45.1% current average

Freshman FG% (min. 200 FGA)
Doc Rivers 55.3%
Bo Ellis 53.5%
Trevor Powell 52.7%
Damon Key 51.4%
Dwayne Johnson 50.5%
Tom Copa 50.2%
Roney Eford 45.6%
Jerel McNeal 44.2%


3 makes per game + 45 current makes = 105 makes

Freshman Free Throws Made
Duane Wilson 89
Dominic James 84
Damon Key 80
Dameon Mason 76


5 attempts per game + 60 current attempts = 160 attempts

Freshman Free Throws Attempted
Dominic James 131
Duane Wilson 125
Doc Rivers 119
Dameon Mason 107


75% current average

Freshman FT% (min 70 FTA)
Damon Key 81.6%
Roney Eford 79.5%
Wesley Matthews 78.8%
Brian Wardle 77.5%
Todd Mayo 76.2%
Tony Smith 75.3%
Jerel McNeal 75.0%
Duane Wilson 71.2%


9 per game plus 118 current rebounds = 298 rebounds

Freshman Rebounds
Bo Ellis 264
Damon Key 165
Trevor Powell 161


9.8 current average

Freshman Rebounding Average
Bo Ellis 8.5
Trevor Powell 6.0
Damon Key 5.7


2 per game + 31 current assists = 71 assists

Freshman Assists
Tony Miller 221
Dominic James 167
Doc Rivers 112
Cordell Henry 93
Robb Logterman 89
Travis Diener 86
Jerel McNeal 85
Mark Anglavar 79
Michael Wilson 69
Duane Wilson 68


1 per game = 16 current blocks = 36 blocks

Freshman Blocks
Jim McIlvaine 92
Trevor Powell 29
Tom Copa 29
Scott Merritt 25

Henry Ellenson is on pace to break EIGHT freshman season records, and he's on pace to enter the top 10 on four more.  As you've probably noticed by now, none of the all time single season records are mentioned here.  Ellenson isn't on pace to hit the top 10 on any of them, so there's no point in listing those out here, at least not yet.  As I said in the intro, these are essentially worst case scenarios.  If Henry turns it on in league play or if Marquette piles up the conference wins, there's going to be a game or two more to play in the Big East tournament or the NCAA tournament.  That, though, is something we'll have to wait for March to think about, though.