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Marquette Men's Soccer Gets A Uniform Update

I'm pretty sure I know what uni this kit is based on.

On Thursday morning, Marquette Men's Soccer announced a new uniform for the 2015 season on Twitter:

That's a pretty snazzy kit!  I don't know which kit this is going to replace, but I'm going to guess it'll be used on the road more than at home.  Marquette just debuted new home kits last season, while the road unis have been in use since the 2013 season.

While I like this uniform, I'm pretty sure I know which Nike kit this is based on.

Dempsey via USA Today Sports

That picture is courtesy of Winslow Townson & USA Today Sports, and of course, that's United States Men's National Team captain Clint Dempsey during the World Cup last summer.  I'm fine with Marquette continually adapting the USMNT's kits for their use on a regular basis.