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Marquette Basketball: Matt Carlino Has A Concussion

The senior transfer will miss at least Saturday's game against Seton Hall.

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The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Matt Velazquez has all the hot info:

This is significant news for one reason, and I don't mean because Marquette will only have seven active scholarship players today.  Here's what happened to Matt Carlino during Wednesday's game against Villanova:

Carlino missed about five minutes of game time following that fall.  According to Velazquez's blog post, Carlino was evaluated for a concussion multiple times by both Marquette's training staff and team doctor after that point and never presented any signs of a concussion during the game.  If MU has a pre-set concussion evaluation protocol and it was followed to the hilt, I can't blame anyone for letting Carlino back in the game if he passed it repeatedly.  This does, however, mean that Marquette's medical staff is probably going to need to re-evaluate that protocol in light of this news.

Concussions are odd injuries in terms of recovery time, so at this time, we only know that Carlino will not play in today's game.  Marquette's next game will be on Tuesday night when the Golden Eagles host Xavier.