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The 2015 Anonymous Eagle NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge!

There will be prizes.

The Golden Eagle wants YOU to pick a bracket.
The Golden Eagle wants YOU to pick a bracket.
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

You think you can outpick your friends, enemies, or even favorite bloggers when it comes to the NCAA tournament?  Well, here's your chance.

STEP 1: Go to

STEP 2: Register.

STEP 3: Click "Join Group."

STEP 4: Search for "Anonymous Eagle" and join the group.

STEP 5: ?


The winner of The 2015 Anonymous Eagle Bracket Challenge will win a Marquette T shirt of some sort, as well as an AE button, and an autographed picture of Admiral Ackbar, S.J.  There might be more prizes as the tournament proceeds, so hold on to your pants.

The upside of Realtime Brackets? You can pick your game type.  Want to play under traditional "make your pick and wait" rules?  Cool.  Want to change your picks mid-bracket?  Also cool.  Want to change your picks DURING a game, and give up some points along the way just to be right?  ALSO COOL.  All game types are welcome in the AE Bracket Challenge.