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Your 2015 NCAA Basketball Tournament Day 3 Open Thread

Onwards to the round of 32...

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Dayton continues to be a bag of jerks.

We went 15 games on Friday with the higher seeded team taking the victory in each and every one.  Then came the finale of the day, #6 seeded Providence squaring off the the #11 seeded Flyers.  Kris Dunn was assessed a patently absurd flagrant foul 45 seconds in, and he picked up his second foul just minutes later.  That's already a deep hole for the Friars, but a ridiculous technical foul on head coach Ed Cooley for something that happened in his own huddle pretty much ended all chance of them pulling out a win.

Thus, Dayton ruined our chance at seeing the first round of 64 day EVER where the higher seed won every game.  And all because the selection committee decided to spend time seeding the NIT's #1 seeds, aka "four teams that had no business being in the NCAA tournament," instead of actually finding a better 11 seed fit for the Flyers so they wouldn't play a home game in the First Four, and what amounts to a home game in the next two rounds as they were sent to Columbus.

Like I said: Dayton is a bag of jerks.  Let's not be friends with them ever.

Eight games today to decide who gets to advance to the Sweet 16.  All four of the remaining Big East teams are on the deck for the day, although none of them play until dinner time.  This, of course, raises the question of why the TV scheduling people have just one game scheduled at a time all the way up until that Xavier game starts, but hey, I'm not in charge.  All times are Central, and the comments section is yours to do with as you see fit.

Time Game Network
11:10am #11 UCLA vs #14 UAB CBS
1:40pm #1 Kentucky vs #8 Cincinnati CBS
4:15pm #2 Arizona vs #10 Ohio State CBS
5:10pm #6 Xavier vs #14 Georgia State TNT
6:10pm #1 Villanova vs #8 NC State TBS
6:45pm #4 Georgetown vs #5 Utah CBS
7:40pm #4 North Carolina vs #5 Arkansas TNT
8:40pm #3 Notre Dame vs #6 Butler TBS