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Your 2015 Anonymous Eagle Bracket Challenge Update

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Because it wouldn't be Monday after the first weekend of the tournament without seeing who's in the top 10 spots in your pool, right?

Name Current Pts Possible Pts Champ Pick
SittingBully 1,584 4,660 Kentucky
ScottyDoesntKnow 1,474 5,138 Kentucky
leadatmu 1,464 5,184 Kentucky
mulol1 1,440 5,280 Duke
sawgomu1977 1,410 5,250 Kentucky
Miller8492 1,405 5,045 Kentucky
benjamincj2 1,392 4,436 Kentucky
mubb4llday 1,367 5,207 Kentucky
Gurtowski3725 1,350 5,190 Duke
Bard3617 1,320 5,160 Kentucky
HologramAl 1,320 5,160 Kentucky

So what we have here is a situation where the current leader is not the favorite to win.  Obviously, as we get closer to the national championship game, those brackets below Sitting Bully will slowly eclipse our current leader, as long as Kentucky stays alive.  If the Wildcats get knocked out, well, get ready for mulol1 and Gurtowski3725 to start shooting up the charts.  The next few spots are pretty near the top 10, with 7 people in a tie for 15th place having 1,260 current points and all of them having a possible 5,100 points.

For those of you who are curious about the variant possibilities in the RTBrackets system with the ability to change your picks: sawgomu1977 and Gurtowski3725 are the only ones using the traditional system in the top 10.