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Your 2015 NCAA Tournament Sweet 16 Day 2 Open Thread!

Well, yesterday stunk. Maybe today will be more fun?

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Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

All three things I wanted to see happen on Thursday didn't come through. North Carolina lost, Wichita State lost, and Xavier lost. To make it even worse, West Virginia didn't even make a game of it against Kentucky.

Can we improve on things tonight? I don't know if I really have a rooting interest in any of these games. I will admit that Louisville is fun to watch now that I know that Marquette won't have to square off with them at least once a season, so maybe they can win and keep things rolling for a little bit longer.

Here's your schedule for the night. All times are Central, and the comments sections is yours. Potential discussion idea: Starbucks has a limited edition Birthday Cake frappuccino.

Time Game Network
6:15pm #2 Gonzaga vs #11 UCLA CBS
6:37pm #4 Louisville vs #8 North Carolina State TBS
8:45pm #1 Duke vs #5 Utah CBS
9:07pm #3 Oklahoma vs #7 Michigan State TBS