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Your 2015 NCAA Tournament Elite 8 Day 1 Open Thread!

I think we all know what we want to see here.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

It's simple, right?  A win by Arizona and a win by Kentucky.  All Wildcats, all the time.  A Final Four that involves both Notre Dame and Wisconsin in a year where Marquette is on a generationally low season would definitely be the Darkest Timeline, and we absolutely can not have that happen.

Of course, I'm not above saying that it would tickle my fancy to no end to watch Wisconsin lose out on recruiting Diamond Stone and another trip to the Final Four in a single 24 hour span.

So here's your very simple TV schedule for the day.  All times are Central, and do what you will with the comments section.  Potential discussion topic: The Milwaukee Brewers will sell you deep fried nachos on a stick this season.  I think I'd rather hit up the Smoke Shack and Holey Moley stands, but each person must make their own choices.

Time Game Network
5:09pm #1 Wisconsin vs #2 Arizona TBS
7:49pm #1 Kentucky vs #3 Notre Dame TBS