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Your 2015 NCAA Tournament Elite Eight Day 2 Open Thread!

We have avoided the Darkest Timeline.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I think that most Marquette fans will find themselves okay with Wisconsin making the Final Four for a second straight season.  Not enjoying it, mind you, but okay with it.  After the Badgers went to the Final Four last year and essentially brought back the exact same team, it was fairly likely that this was going to happen.

What we wouldn't have been okay with is Wisconsin AND Notre Dame both making the Final Four and even worse, playing each other, guaranteeing one of them would be in the national championship game.  That was avoided last night when the Fighting Irish weren't able to put Kentucky away at any point and the Wildcats took a 68-66 victory in the Midwest Regional final.

Today we have the last two regional final games, and as was the case on Friday, I don't know if there's really any rooting interest for Marquette fans here.  If you want to cheer against Louisville because of MU's long time conference affiliation with the Cardinals, that's understandable, but I like watching Louisville play.  Cheering for Duke here would also make sense, because as long as Coach K keeps on winning, there's less of a chance that he's going to want to retire and they would need to find a successor.

Here's the timetable for the day.  All times are Central, and the comments section is yours.

Time Game Network
1:20pm #4 Louisville vs #7 Michigan State CBS
4:05pm #1 Duke vs #2 Gonzaga CBS