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Drexel Transfer Damion Lee Is Considering Marquette

Steve Wojciechowski has some stiff competition for the services of the graduate transfer.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

On Sunday, Drexel graduate Damion Lee announced the five schools that he was considering as locations to play his final year of college basketball.  His list included Arizona, Gonzaga, Louisville, Maryland, and YOUR Marquette Golden Eagles.

That's a pretty impressive list for head coach Steve Wojciechowski to get on considering his win-loss record in 2014-15 relative to the other four schools.  All four went to the NCAA tournament this spring, and all four would be obvious candidates to easily repeat that accomplishment in March of 2016.  Yet, Lee included Wojo and his 13-19 record.  Marquette might be a little bit behind the eight ball in terms of Lee's order of preference, as he already has visits to Louisville and Arizona schedule, and Gonzaga has a trip to visit Lee already planned.

Lee finished the season as the #4 scorer in the country at 21.4 points per game, even though he missed Drexel's final three games with a broken hand.  The Dragons were heavily reliant on the 6'6", 200 lb. guard last season, as he easily led the team in both usage and shot percentage.  However, even though Drexel was 10-17 with Lee in the lineup, he still had the best offensive rating on the team at 118.4, which puts Lee in the top 150 in the country.  His efficiency comes from both his ability to shoot threes (38.9%) and his lack of turnovers (#111 in the country in turnover rate), as well as his ability to get to the line.  Lee drew 6 fouls per 40 minutes and shot essentially half as many free throws as field goals, ranking #234 in the country in that regard.

Marquette has three scholarships open for the fall of 2015.  Since Lee has his degree from Drexel, he will be able to play immediately where ever he decides to go.