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Your 2015 NCAA Basketball Tournament Final Four Open Thread

Just not an all Big Ten final, please.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Wins by Wisconsin and Michigan State here is the worst case scenario for the NCAA and their television partners, right?  As long as Kentucky gets to play on Monday night, everything will be copacetic when it comes to television ratings.  But if for some godforsaken reason Wisconsin beats the Wildcats, we're really going to be up against it if the Spartans have already sent Duke home earlier in the night.

No one REALLY wants to see a rematch of the Big Ten Tournament final as the NCAA final, do they?  This is the same game where Michigan State got SHUT OUT in overtime.  No one wants to watch that game again.


Doubleheader today.  Winners meet for the national championship on Monday night.  All times are Central, and the comments section is yours.

Time Game Network
5:09pm #1 Duke vs #7 Michigan State TBS
7:49pm #1 Kentucky vs #1 Wisconsin TBS