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You Asked, Steve Wojciechowski Answered

Mostly mundane answers to mostly mundane questions, but there were some highlights.

"Four more questions."
"Four more questions."
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

On Thursday, Marquette head men's basketball coach Steve Wojciechowski answered some questions submitted through Twitter using the hashtag #askwojo.  Unsurprisingly, there wasn't much that would really come as a surprise, and definitely nothing that qualified as breaking news.

Let's recap the Q's and their A's from Wojo:

Exactly the answer you'd expect a Division 1 coach to give in June.

Officially, I'm going to be worried if Wojo recruits a guy and *doesn't* say he's a gym rat.

Same reason why Wally Ellenson didn't travel on road trips this past season: if you're not eligible to play, you're not eligible to travel.  Kind of a bummer from a team building perspective, but it ends up forcing all the active 2015-16 guys to play all the minutes on the trip, which is fine.

"Hopeful" sounds like the expected timing on Luke Fischer's rehab to 100% isn't perfectly matched up to the start of the trip.  Maybe he's already ahead of schedule so the hope is he'll stay ahead of schedule.

BOOM.  We have our first bit of comedy/entertainment from this Q&A.

And that one is promptly followed up with Wojo admitting that he's intentionally not answering the question. Nice one, coach.

I'm not even entirely sure what the joke would be here, but this one made me laugh.

I presume Wojo's preference is still playing attacking man-to-man defense, but if you have a concept that some of your players already understand well enough, you may as well go back to it.

I do enjoy a grown man being proud of defeating a group of children at basketball.  To be the man, you gotta beat the man, y'know?

Barbecue chicken pizza is almost never the wrong choice.

I presume that Grace here is one of the candidates.  This one is much funnier if Grace is Wojo's only niece/nephew.

As long as "prepare ourselves" means scheduling two, maybe three Top 7 Conference opponents every year, then that's absolutely the right answer.

This brings up the long standing question: Who is Marquette's biggest rival in the Big East?  I still like all of our Big East friends too much to declare a rivalry between the schools.

When we get temperatures in the single digits for a week straight in January, blame Wojo for jinxing it.

Spell check your questions before you send them in, kids.

AWESOME.  It's nice to see that Wojo has a sense of humor about his destruction of the whiteboard and the subsequent heavily bandaged hand that he ended up with for the rest of the Orlando Classic.

We'll wrap up with a quick collection of tweets that went unanswered.