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The Marquette Basketball Roster Has Been Updated

We've got uniform numbers on everyone, and a slight change in the status of MU's walk ons.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

As pointed out by Matt Velazquez from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Marquette men's basketball has officially updated the roster for the 2015-16 season.  We'll let you rummage through the list to observe the heights, weights, and positions for guys (Sandy Cohen gained 30 pounds! Henry Ellenson's a forward!), but we have to point out the one change that we didn't really know about.  Marquette still has two walk ons with the team, but it's not the same two that finished last season.  Michael Mache is still with the team, but his twin brother Matthew is withdrawing from the team in order to focus on his academics, according to Velazquez.  For those of you trying to remember the difference between the twins, Michael is the one who scored a basket last year.  The other walk on is freshman Cam Marotta from Homestead High School in Mequon, WI.  You might recognize the name, as Cam is the son of Marquette great Marc Marotta, who passed away earlier this year.

The most notable item that got updated is the numbers that everyone's going to be wearing.  We already knew that Sacar Anim is taking #2, and, after a bit of tomfoolery, Haanif Cheatham snagged #25.  Let's hit the full list of newcomers, and we'll take a look at the history of everyone's numbers.

Sacar Anim - #2

Last To Wear #2: John Dawson (2013-14)
Significant Past #2's: Odartey Blankson (2000-01), Maurice Acker (2007-10), Vander Blue (2010-2012).  Fun note: James Blask wore #2 from 1933-35, but then no one wore it until Blankson did.  Weird!

Traci Carter - #21

Last To Wear #21: Joe Fulce (2008-11)
Significant Past #21's: Ulice Payne (1976-78)

Haanif Cheatham - #25

Last To Wear #25: Steve Taylor, Jr. (2012-2015)
Significant Past #25s: Mark Anglavar (1987-91)

Henry Ellenson - #13

Last To Wear #13: Matt Carlino
Significant Past #13s: Roney Eford (1993-95), Vander Blue (2012-13)

Matt Heldt - #12

Last To Wear #12: Derrick Wilson
Significant Past #12s: Allie McGuire (1970-73), Robb Logterman (1990-94), Dwight Burke (2005-09)

Cam Marotta - #52

Last To Wear #52: Joe Krysiak (1988-91)
Significant Past #52s: Marc Marotta (1980-84)

Andrew Rowsey - #30

Last To Wear #30: Deonte Burton
Significant Past #30s: Craig Butrym (1973-77) Oliver Lee (1978-81)