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The Al McGuire Center Is Getting A Facelift

Or should I say a floorlift?

This is the old floor.  See below for the new one.
This is the old floor. See below for the new one.

Every once and a while, you have to strip down a basketball floor and reseal it.  Wear and tear is going to happen when people are running all over the place on it constantly and you need to have a consistent playing surface everywhere on the floor.

Sometimes, though, you rip the paint up and start all over, too.

The first major change that jumps out at me is the wood stain in the lanes instead of what used to be blue paint.  Next up is the striping along the sidelines in the corner that looks a lot like the pattern along the sides of MU's men's basketball uniforms.  That's a bit of an odd choice since the men's team is not going to play on this floor ever again, but maybe the women's team is getting new uniforms for 2015-16?

The last thing is a minor change.  It looks like the font used for the "MARQUETTE" on the end lines and the "WE ARE MARQUETTE" on the sidelines is changing.  I'm not sure if the paint color for the lettering is changing, but if they paint the letters to match the colors on the stencils around them, it is a switch for the colors on the sidelines.

It might be a while until we get a finished product shot, but I'm looking forward to any updates that the athletic department provides.

UPDATE (6/9/15)!

It looks like that finished product shot came along a bit faster than I was expecting.  Here's tweets with pictures of the court coming at you from the Women's Volleyball and Women's Basketball accounts: