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What The Hell Is DePaul Doing?

The second Dave Leitao era is not starting well.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

We talked already about how Marquette is not the only Big East team going on a foreign tour this month.  We addressed whether or not Creighton is doing anything that's actually beneficial to their team with their 70+ point wins in Italy a few days ago.  On Wednesday, we got to see Marquette get their first game in.  We don't have anything to say about Georgetown's trip quite yet, as they'll be playing the same teams as MU, just a few days later.

But DePaul's trip to France....

DePaul made a run to close the deficit in the third period, but Caen knocked down back-to-back three's to pull away and finish the game with a score of 96-62.



I get that St. Vincent dePaul is the patron saint of charities, but WHAT THE HELL, GUYS.

Other than Myke Henry's 17 points and nine rebounds in 23 minutes and Peter Ryckbosch's 10 & 6 in 16 minutes, everybody else sucked.  The rest of the team combined to shoot 35%, including 0-11 behind the three point line.  Meanwhile, Caen went bombs away against the Blue Demons, knocking down 50% of their long range attempts.

DePaul trailed by 15 after the first quarter and then by 23 at the half.  How did they respond to that shellacking?  By losing the third quarter by a 21-11 margin.  I'd try to attach some kind of significance to only freshman Eli Cain playing more than 23 minutes, but I suspect that's more of a function of returning head coach Dave Leitao flailing around trying to find any group of five that could have a positive impact on the game.

And here I was concerned that St. John's was going to be the rampaging dumpster fire this season.  Nope, there's DePaul doing what DePaul does.  If you're into this kind of massacre, their next games is on Sunday morning here in the States when they take on the Pro France AMW All Stars in Paris.