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Welcome Class Of 2019! Here Is Your Marquette Basketball Twitter Must Follow List!

Welcome to Marquette! Once you get settled into your res hall, we've got all the Twitter stuff you need to follow Marquette hoops.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Hello, Class of 2019!  It's a big day for you.  You've officially started your college experience by moving into your assigned residence hall on Marquette's campus.  Here's your official checklist for the day:

  • Learn your roommate's name
  • Learn your RA's name
  • Unpack and arrange your stuff
  • Start preparing for Marquette basketball season

Now, I can't help you with the first three.  The first two are out because there are 2,000 (or so) of you and I don't have that much free time and as far as the third one goes, I'm lazy and did my fair share of unpacking and arranging when I was your age.

The fourth one, though, that's where Anonymous Eagle can be of service to you.

As you scroll down the page here, you'll find a (hopefully) comprehensive list of who you need to be following on Twitter.  It's been broken down into easily consumable sections for you, so feel free to skip back and forth through the list as needed.

For those of you who aren't newly enrolled college freshmen, your job is to drop into the comments section and tell me exactly who was accidentally left off the list.


@MarquetteU - I mean, duh
@muathletics - The umbrella account for all of MU's athletics.
@MarquetteMBB - The men's basketball specific account


@PresLovell - MU President Dr. Michael Lovell
@BillScholl - Athletic Director
@mikebroeker - Deputy Athletic Director
@MarquetteHardin - New Deputy Athletic Director Brian Hardin
@DanielleJosetti - Associate Athletic Director For Compliance
@UWPgrad1997 - MBB Sports Information Director Scott Kuykendall
@mujoetrue - Associate Athletic Director For Development


@steve_wojo - Head Coach Steve Wojciechowski
@CoachCarrawell - Assistant Coach Chris Carrawell
@Coachbnelson - Assistant Coach Brett Nelson
@MUCoachJohnson - Assistant Coach Stan Johnson
@CoachGainey - Director of Basketball Operations Justin Gainey
@DienerTravis - Director of Player Personnel & MU legend Travis Diener
@JakePresutti - Video Coordinator
@tythornton3 - Graduate Manager Tyler Thornton
@MUStrength - Director of Sports Performance Todd Smith


@SwaggyDu1 - redshirt sophomore Duane Wilson
@Bigfishy40 - junior Luke Fischer
@chosenJUAN - junior Jajuan Johnson
@SandyCohenIII - sophomore Sandy Cohen
@wallyellenson - redshirt junior & 2016 Olympic high jump hopeful Wally Ellenson
@HeldtMatt - freshman Matt Heldt
@HENBA13 - freshman & noted "little" brother Henry Ellenson
@tra_carter - freshman Traci Carter
@Sacar_Anim15 - freshman Sacar Anim
@H25_Cheatham - freshman Haanif Cheatham
@mikemache - senior walk on Michael Mache
@Cam2Ham21 - freshman walk on Cam Marotta
@christianhaff3 - freshman walk on Christian Haffner
@_a15r - junior "Rowdy" Andrew Rowsey, sitting out 15-16 as a transfer

THE FORMER PLAYERS (in no particular order)

@BUBrianWardle - Bradley University head coach
@CoachT_Miller - MU's all time assists leader
@AnalystTSmith34 - Tony Smith
@mjack35 - Marcus Jackson
@cdell112 - Cordell Henry
@akdwil12 - Derrick Wilson
@juanonjuan10 - Juan Anderson
@RealJerelMcNeal - Marquette's all time leading scorer
@T_Lockett22 - Trent Lockett, 2nd best 1 year player in MU history
@smerritt18 - MU women's basketball assistant coach Scott Merritt
@DanielJohnFitz - Dan Fitzgerald
@Tule42 - Chris Otule
@NyceNeek - Dominic James
@JRwontLOSE - Junior Cadougan
@Dburke_EFS - Dwight Burke
@JimmyButler - He's kind of a big deal.
@WessyWes23 - Dallas Mavericks guard Wesley Matthews
@_OxHendrix_ - Davante Gardner
@DwyaneWade - He's a big deal.
@SteveNovak16 - #hesstillintheleague
@Mu21 - The always underrated Joe Fulce
@millyhendrix_ - Jamil Wilson
@veezy_SQ - Vander Blue
@BuycksWorld13 - Dwight Buycks
@KingMe_DJ1 - Darius Johnson-Odom
@JonJ_Harris - SIUE head coach Jon Harris




@CrackedSidewlks - The granddaddy of the MU internet presence.
@PaintTouches - The award winning student (at the time) founded site.
@MUWireSports - Your official student run media hub
@mubbnation - Hardcore Twitter-ist, occasional blogger, noted MU freshman
@Matt_Velazquez - MU's official beat reporter for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
@JoeMcCann3 - 1/2 of the Scrambled Eggs podcast
@mooof23 - The other, less prepared half of Scrambled Eggs
@espnhomer - Steve "The Homer" True, Marquette's radio PBP guy
@JimMcIlvaine - Homer's radio partner & the best defensive center in MU history


@CasualHoya - Our sister site focusing on Georgetown
@VUHoops - Our sister site focusing on Villanova
@BannersParkway - Banners On The Parkway, our sister site focusing on Xavier
@rumbleSBN - Rumble In The Garden, our sister site focusing on St. John's
@becb_sbn - Big East Coast Bias, our sister site covering the entire conference
@whitebluereview - An independent Creighton site
@DirkusBH - My favorite contributor to Butler Hoops, an independent Butler site
@friarblog - Recovering Providence blogger
@BigEast - Official conference tweets
@BigEastMBB - Official conference men's hoops tweets
@BigEastChamps - Official conference championships tweets


@FoxSports1 - The national guys that pay MU the money
@fswisconsin - The regional guys that luck into carrying some games


@DalyDoseOfHoops - Independent site, covers everything in the NYC area
@MattNorlander - writer for CBS Sports, huge music nerd
@jeffborzello - ESPN CBB recruiting & general coverage
@WisBBYearbook - Mark Miller; locked in on WI hoops, college & HS; follows AE
@lukewinn - Sports Illustrated writer, stat wonk
@SBNationCBB - Our parent site's college hoops section
@RobDauster - writer for NBC Sports
@TroyMachir - writer for Sporting News; follows AE
@kmattio - Kami Mattioli, CBB editor for Sporting News; follows AE
@raphiellej - writer for NBC Sports; follows AE
@morrisoncrying - not actually Adam Morrison
@AndyGlockner - Founder of Team Bubble Watch, aka MU in 2009-10
@clubtrillion - Mark Titus, former Ohio State walk on, now Grantland writer
@YahooForde - Pat Forde, writes weekly Forde Minutes column for Yahoo
@tsnmike - Mike DeCourcy, writer for Sporting News
@JonRothstein - CBS Sports reporter, noted Bo Ryan homer
@BananasAlert - If a CBB game is going bananas, they'll tell you how to watch.
@kenpomeroy - Runs the best stats site on the internet. Learn it, love it.
@AdamZagoria - SNY reporter, lots of college hoops & recruiting news
@ESPNAndyKatz - The most tolerable Badger I can think of.
@NoEscalators - Come for the UConn homerism, stay for the Syracuse/Rutgers insults
@JayBilas - ESPN analyst, voice of reason, trill
@rushthecourt - likely the best independent college hoops site on the web


@ChrisDobbertean - SB Nation's own bracket guy
@jppalmCBS - Jerry Palm, CBS Sports' guy
@ESPNLunardi - Joe Lunardi, ubiquitous

THE FANS (in no particular order)

@HoloAlMcGuire - a coaching search joke come to life; possibly sentient
@markstrot - Paint Touches co-founder, now retired
@JenLada - one of ESPN's newest on air hires, MU grad
@SteveRushin - Sports Illustrated writer, MU grad
@hawknut - You have to stick it out through the hockey tweets.
@Mike_Thiel - Highly Influential
@trenni - CSN New England reporter/anchor, MU grad
@go_marquette - Has Beat Bucky license plates
@dannypudi - Star of Community, MU grad
@SophiaMinnaert - Fox Sports Wisconsin reporter, MU grad
@ericgebby - also a freshman at MU 
@TessQuinlan - Digital Producer for USA Today, MU grad
@sarahbarshop - Sports Illustrated reporter, MU grad
@77ncaachamps - tied with @go_marquette for best username