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The American Hockey League Released The 2015-16 Schedule

And thus, we know which Saturdays are completely open for Marquette basketball.

Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

The American Hockey League (AHL) has released their 2015-16 schedule, and since Marquette basketball shares a building with the Milwaukee Admirals, this is an important bit of scheduling news before we get our hands on the actual Big East schedule sometime in early September.

When we looked at the Milwaukee Bucks' schedule, we learned that the NBA franchise that also occupies the Bradley Center had just one Saturday home game during the 10 weeks of the Big East schedule.  After factoring in a couple of events that the BC had scheduled over a weekend, that left Marquette with a possible seven open Saturdays to schedule a college basketball game whenever Fox Sports felt it wanted to do so.

Well, not so much any more.

From the first Saturday of January through the first Saturday of March, the Admirals will be playing five home games on Saturday nights.  Here's what that string of scheduling looks like:

Date Event
Sat., Jan. 2 Admirals vs Lake Erie
Sat., Jan. 9 Admirals vs Iowa
Sat., Jan. 16
Sat., Jan. 23 Monster Jam
Sat., Jan 30 Admirals vs Grand Rapids
Sat., Feb. 6 Disney On Ice
Sat., Feb. 13
Sat., Feb. 20 Admirals vs Manitoba
Sat., Feb. 27 Bucks vs Pistons
Sat., Mar. 5 Admirals vs Chicago

And that's that.  There are just two possible Saturdays where Marquette could have a Saturday night home game, as all of those Admirals games start at 7pm.  Furthermore, that January 16th date is before the students come back from Winter Break, so that's not even the best possible day to have a Saturday night game.  I mean, I'll take it, but having a stacked full student section for a Saturday night game would be much more fun.

This is kind of a disappointing result for Marquette fans.  Last season, the Admirals played just five Saturday home games during the entire four months of the Marquette schedule.  This season, they'll play five in just the 10 weeks of the conference schedule.

With just two completely open Saturdays left now, all we have left to do is hope that the Bradley Center isn't sitting on some kind of event announcement that will take up those last two pieces of prime schedule real estate.