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I Love The Day When Marquette Basketball Fanatics Tickets Go On Sale

It's hard to not get caught up in the enthusiasm.

I don't think The Eagle paid for a seat in the student section.
I don't think The Eagle paid for a seat in the student section.
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe the day when Marquette basketball student tickets go on sale isn't the best day on the college basketball calendar.  There's the first game day, the first conference game day, Selection Sunday, the first weekend of the NCAA tournament, the first day of practices, Midnight Madness day... well, there's a lot of really great days on the calendar that are probably better than the day that student tickets go on sale.

But it's such a great day.  It's so much fun to see tweets come rolling in where the students voice their enthusiasm for the upcoming season.

I like the cut of your jib, sir.

Hey, that's right, MU has two guys on the team sharing a birthday, too.  That's kind of neat.

Should get a pretty nice treat for your final season on the north end of the Bradley Center.

Your ticket buying game is on point.  Now we just need to work on your Twitter game, since this was posted two hours after they went on sale.

I'm confused.  "Start?"  There's a point at which we're supposed to stop being excited for Marquette basketball?

Annnnnd.... that's it?  That's all of the tweets about buying tickets?  Y'know what?  That felt a little weaker than normal.  Do we just have a lot of people who aren't hip to using the #mubb tag?


Well, ok, maybe not "a lot."  Then again, last year was the worst year for Marquette basketball since long before the freshmen were even born, so I suppose a little bit of muted enthusiasm is to be expected.

Just make sure you keep track of anyone who was wearing Badger red last March and question their morals when you see them wearing blue and gold once Henry and the boys get rolling this winter.